Out of the bubble


Frequency: annual / Duration: six months

Out of the bubble

Out of the bubble is one of the pedagogical actions that compose our Antiracism Project. It’s collaborative project developed by our 8th and 9th grade students from the Bilingual program.

The educators that teach the subjects of Educational Orientation and History conduct a group of activities that prepare the students for the final product, an original podcast: presentation of the theme and the project; development of concepts that serve as a base to the research; definition of the steps of the research; workshop for the production of the podcast; preparation for the script; interview with a guest.

The project allows the development of the critical thinking, the sense of alterity and responsibility in the construction of an ethical coexistence. The idea is for the students to think about concrete resolutions through recognition and appreciation of the produced knowledge through black intellectuals. Click here to know more.

“In the project Out of the Bubble interviews, literary texts, songs and films compose the many voices that open a rich universe out of the bubble of the students. Besides that, they have the opportunity to produce an antiracist action that can impact the transformation of society.”

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