Time to be a kid

Freedom and well-being

O novo Contraturno da Móbile é um programa especialmente pensado para expandir a vivência escolar de nossos alunos e alunas do Infantil 3 ao 2º ano do Ensino Fundamental (3 a 7 anos) do Programa Regular (Período Parcial).

  • From Monday to Friday
  • From 1 to 5 times a week
  • Morning

    From 8h10 to 12h40

  • Afternoon

    From 13h00 to 17h30

Development and harmony

Nosso novo Contraturno conta com um portfólio diversificado de atividades, que têm como objetivo o desenvolvimento socioemocional, motor e cognitivo das crianças. Também consideramos tempo para brincadeiras, descanso, almoço e lição de casa.

Our home

Safe and welcoming, our home is located close to Móbile, in front of the entrance from Araguari Street. In it, our pupils will have the opportunity to live experiences that will mark their stories, followed by specialized educators and also other children of different ages.

Enrollment and tuition for 2024

The amount is charged in 12 installments. Lunch, snack and transportation are already included in the program.

* Reservation fee: R$500,00, discounted from the 12th installment.


1x a week: R$1000,00/month 2x a week: R$1803,00/month 3x a week: R$2550,00/month 4x a week: R$3400,00/month 5x a week: R$4250,00/month

Exclusive conditions

20% discount R$800,00/month 20% discount R$1442,00/month 20% discount R$2040,00/month 20% discount R$2720,00/month 20% discount R$3400,00/month

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Frequently Asked Questions

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