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Regular Period

1st to 5th grade
7h40 to 12h30
13h25 to 18h15
6º e 7º ano
7h50 to 13h10
8th grade
7h40 to 13h00
9th grade
7h35 to 12h55 (and one afternoon in the week)

Awakening the desire to belong

The Primary Education aims to shape citizens without borders, interconnected to many contemporary perspectives – local and global – and capable of understanding the other and the importance of democratic value.

From 6 to 14 years old, a series of physical and psychological transformations happen in children and teenagers. In this important step of the development, we plan experiences that benefit the development of social beings, sensitive to the construction of a collective, collaborative and solidary identity through the investigation of global issues and values like respect, justice and responsibility.

Our students are stimulated to think and build solutions to situation problems from the exercise of critical, systemic and creative thinking, also, social abilities and communication contribute to the broadening and consolidation of positive connections.

Get to know the differentials of our Primary School:

  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Natural Sciences
  • Human Sciences: History and Geography
  • Socioemotional skills
  • Geometric Drawing
  • Physical Education
  • Philosophy
  • English and Spanish
  • Math
  • Games
  • Portuguese
  • Music
  • Educational Orientation

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of Elementary,
Regular Program

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Cleuza Vilas Boas Bourgogne

Cleuza Vilas Boas Bourgogne

Pedagogical Director

Majored and licensed in Languages and Master in Literature and Psychoanalysis from Universidade de São Paulo

Cleuza has been actively participating in the construction of a curriculum focused on students who are curious, critical and predisposed to participate in debate for almost 40 years. Always attentive to the creation and planning of learning contexts in which children and teenagers gain strength as readers and competent text producers, capable of understanding thoughts and facts beyond the limits of their own perspective and positioning themselves as independent and well-aware, Cleuza constantly capacitates the teachers for the consolidation of a school culture sensible to the current demands and the intellectual production of researchers from many areas of knowledge that are aligned with the values defended by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Cleuza Vilas Boas Bourgogne relates to all the pillars that structure and support the political-pedagogical identity project of Móbile School.

“At Móbile, I’ve always seen myself inserted in a community of educators that constantly investigate the external reality and future opportunities and are attentive to them. In our institution, we think about education as a perennial process in which the school subjects don’t end in themselves; they give the learning opportunities that structure others that will come throughout life. To us, education is promoting thinking and creation.”

Cleuza Vilas Boas Bourgogne

Elective  Curriculum

Elective Curriculum

Our Elective Curriculum expands the developments of our students, their “cultural library” and contributes to the construction of a richer and more diverse life project.

MobiXperiences – our English immersion program, Elective Courses and Extracurricular Activities provide children with the opportunity to compose a personalized and singular learning path after school hours.

The diversified courses and experiences that we offer in our Elective Curriculum develop important competences, like the ones related to movement and body balance, motor skills, communication in different languages, diverse social interactions and deepening of connections.


Enhance your child’s experience with courses and practices that develop skills and abilities that span from psychomotricity to artistic expression and interpersonal relationship, through the introduction and deepening in new technologies.

English for Primary School candidates
12h30 to 13h30 (morning)
18h25 to 19h35 (afternoon)

Middle School
1 hour or 1h30 classes or between 14h and 19h35

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After-hours Time to
be a kid

The new Móbile After-hours is a program specially thought out to expand the school experience of our students from Early Childhood Education to 2nd grade (3 to 7 years old) and Part-time Program.


Part of our Elective Curriculum (along with MobiXperiences and the Elective Courses) the Extracurricular Activities complement the classes that happen inside the core Curriculum and consist of diverse experiences and sportive training offered with no additional cost.

Móbile English Elective Course

Learning and experience walk hand in hand on Móbile English – an exclusive after school program for our regular time students. Through strategically planned practices our students experience different communicative contexts and situations in english. This way, they develop essential abilities and skills for their communication in this language, which is, as we know, one of the most important in the contemporary world.

  • English for Primary School candidates

    2ª e 4ª - 10h00 to 13h00 (students from the afternoon)

    12h25 to 15h25 (estudantes da manhã)

  • 3ª e 5ª - 10h00 to 13h00 (students from the afternoon)

    12h25 to 15h25 (estudantes da manhã)

  • Middle School

    2ª e 4ª - 14h10 to 16h10 (6º e 7º ano)

    16h20 to 18h20 (8º e 9º ano)

  • 3ª e 5ª - 14h10 to 16h10 (6º e 7º ano)

    16h20 to 18h20 (8º e 9º ano)



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