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When a child learns with the world

It’s during Early Childhood Education that the child understands that the world is and can be much bigger than they imagine.

At Mobile we understand that during the first years, everything is about learning. Because of that we created a rich and thoughtful space, in which each experience invites the students to a new realization. Through games and other ludic activities, the children learn while they have fun and start, since the very beginning of their development, to associate learning with well-being.

Attention to time and particularities of each child also supports our pedagogical project. That’s why, in every class, we have a team of educators (attentive and specialized) that guides, individually, the development of each student.

This individualized guidance also supports the adaptation period of the children and their families. Similarly, we don’t establish a deadline or a pattern: we deal with this by communicating with each family to reach the best direction for the child.

Our partnership with the family ensures the extensive development of our students. Gradually, our little apprentices become more confident and aware of their decisions, and this freedom extends to their experiences at home and outside of the school.

Marked by meetings, affection, and discoveries, this first Education experience is essential to the social, emotional and academic development — and later, the growth into healthy, happy and resilient teenagers and adults who are prepared to fulfill their own life projects.

Between Brazil and the world

A language is like a bridge: its learning is the first step to experience a world without borders.

Every language creates a universe. When you know more than one language in depth, many possibilities open up. In our project, English is the chosen language to be the access key to other worlds. The bigger the grasp that a person has in the language, the bigger and more diverse are their personal, academic and professional possibilities. Our bilingual program adds to the renowned and celebrated pedagogical project of Móbile in a unique learning experience.

More than learning English, our pupils start to actually learn in English, since this language is an instruction tool of a group of curricular components that are strategically selected. We develop – at the same time – important linguistic skills in English and also in Portuguese to educate people who are fluent and proficient in both languages.

Our literacy process starts in Early Childhood Education and even in the bilingual context, it is intentionally done – strategically – in Portuguese, through our own renowned methodology, developed from many researches done by the psychologist, principal and founder of Móbile, Maria Helena Bresser.

Combined with the learning of these two languages – essential to the development of global students but also very well prepared to understand and transform the Brazilian reality – the full-time period timetable of the bilingual program at Móbile offers a series of important experiences to the development of 21st century citizens connected to diverse areas of knowledge.

Among these experiences, we emphasize the introduction to Computational Thinking – a curricular component that, in Early Childhood Education aims to develop the fundamental basis to logical thinking. In this context, Computational Thinking articulates important skills like the analysis of tasks, recognition of patterns and algorithms and abstract thinking to help our students in the creative resolution of problems that are more and more complex.

All of these experiences ensure academic excellence and the socioemotional growth that, for almost 50 years, characterize our education proposal.

Get to know the differentials of our Early Childhood Education:

  • Natural Sciences and Technology
  • Socioemotional skills
  • Physical Education
  • English
  • Curricular Integration - Natural Science and Technology
    and Computational Thinking
  • Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking
  • Verbal Language
  • Artistic Languages
  • Math is a language

Discover the campus

of the Early Childhood Bilingual Program
- Full-time Period

You’re seeing:

Professora Tatiana Almendra

Tatiana Almendra

Pedagogical Director

Pedagogue and Psychology Education Master from PUC-SP

Through over two decades of work, Tatiana Almendra talks with the pillars that support Móbile: the constant search for excellence, the conception according to which art, science and moral autonomy are fundamental to the human development, decision making and protection of democracy, dialogue and argumentation as foundation for the relationships. Tatiana has contributed to the formation of the pedagogical team of the Full-time Period and the building and implementation of the pedagogical project of this team.

“May our students have the necessary tools (cognitive, interpersonal and intrapersonal) to build building of their life projects and recognize the value of the other in this construction.”

Tatiana Almendra

Elective  Curriculum

Elective Curriculum

Our Elective Curriculum expands the developments of our students, their “cultural library” and contributes to the construction of a richer and more diverse life project.

The Elective Courses provide the children with the opportunity to compose a learning path that is personalized and singular after school hours.

The diversified courses and experiences that we offer in our Elective Curriculum develop important competences, like the ones related to movement and body balance, motor skills, communication in different languages, diverse social interactions and deepening of connections.


Enhance your child’s experience with courses and practices that develop skills and abilities that span from psychomotricity to artistic expression and interpersonal relationship, through the introduction and deepening in new technologies.

16h15 to 17h20

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