Greater Harmony Project

Greater Harmony Project

This project brings to light the harmony between children and teenagers in the everyday school life: the construction of meanings and belonging in the many spaces at Móbile: classrooms, patios, fields, labs, auditorium, cafeteria…

The educators, together with the students, reflect about the many personal and interpersonal abilities necessary to learn, live, coexist and work in society with the problems more and more complex.

In the Coexisting Better project, transversal ax of the curriculum, explores in different contexts the learning in the four pillars of global formation: learn to be, learn to coexist, learn to meet and learn to do. This knowledge translates our integral conception of education.

Apart from the content culturally known as compromises of each subject in the articulation of Móbile’s curriculum, in every subject, intentionally, sequences of activities that develop guidelines and goals of these four pillars, including times and spaces that allow to connect the disciplinary knowledge with the cognitive and socioemotional skills.

Among the axes of Coexisting Better, we find in the pedagogical and educational practices that guarantee the development of important skills to relate to others and to knowledge, administrating emotions and facing adverse situations in a creative and constructive way. Students are invited to mobilize, articulate and put into practice values and attitudes to make autonomous and responsible decisions that impact the coexisting.

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