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A school that educates people to transform the world into a better place, attainable for all.

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At Móbile’s Early Childhood Education and Elementary School, we offer two programs: Regular and Bilingual (which happens full time and embodies an immersive experience in the English language).

Both paths guarantee a solid education guided by individualized support, academic excellence and the socio-emotional development, pillars that have characterized the renowned pedagogical project of Móbile for almost 50 years.

In High School, these two programs meet in one project that brings together all the students in one curriculum of extended school time of great prestige.

Currículo Móvel

Elective Curriculum

The contemporary world presents challenges that are more and more complex, that demand creative and, most of the time, cross-curricular solutions. In this context, a rich and diverse school experience contributes to the development of people who are even more prepared to build their life project.

Our Elective Courses, that make up an elective curriculum, offer each student the opportunity to choose a set of practices and activities to study during their after-school hours, and thus personalize their curriculum according to their own interests and needs.

Aiming to develop skills and abilities that span from psychomotricity to artistic expression and interpersonal relationship, through the introduction and deepening in new technologies, these courses promote ludic experiences that are attune with our commitment to awaken a passion for knowledge.

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Enhance your child’s experience with courses and practices that develop skills and abilities that span from psychomotricity to artistic expression and interpersonal relationship, through the introduction and deepening in new technologies.

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After-hours Time to
be a kid

The new Móbile After-hours is a program specially thought out to expand the school experience of our students from Early Childhood Education to 2nd grade (3 to 7 years old) and Part-time Program.

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Móbile English Elective Course

Learning and experiencing walk together in Móbile English – an exclusive program in the after-hours for the students of our Regular Program. Through strategically planned experiences, our students are exposed to different communicative contexts and situations in english. This way, they develop abilities and skills that are essential to the communication in the language, that is, as we all know, one of the most important languages of the contemporary world.

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Part of our Elective Curriculum, beyond our Elective Courses, the Extracurricular Activities complement the classes that happen inside the core Curriculum and consist of diverse experiences offered with no additional cost, for our Bilingual Program – both Full time and Regular Period.

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Our projects provide innovative and imaginative experiences with focus on a great harmony, artistic-cultural perception and in socio-emotional and academic skills.

Paths for
the future

Here at Móbile we develop a group of systematic actions that grant autonomy and allow students to plan their life projects. In addition, we pride ourselves in being among the Brazilian institutions with highest approval rates in prestigious universities. Check out some stories told by our former students.

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International Studies

We offer orientation for students who wish to pursue their studies worldwide. Workshops, mock tests, documentation emission and all cultural references necessary for a great foreign adventure.

International Studies

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