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Regular Period

from 8h10 to 12h25
from 13h30 to 17h45

When a child learns with the world

It’s during Early Childhood Education that the child understands that the world is and can be much bigger than they imagine.

At Mobile we understand that during the first years, everything is about learning. Because of that we created a rich and thoughtful space, in which each experience invites the students to a new realization. Through games and other ludic activities, the children learn while they have fun and start, since the very beginning of their development, to associate learning with well-being.

Attention to time and particularities of each child also supports our pedagogical project. That’s why, in every class, we have a team of educators (attentive and specialized) that guides, individually, the development of each student.

This individualized guidance also supports the adaptation period of the children and their families. Similarly, we don’t establish a deadline or a pattern: we deal with this by communicating with each family to reach the best direction for the child.

Our partnership with the family ensures the extensive development of our students. Gradually, our little apprentices become more confident and aware of their decisions, and this freedom extends to their experiences at home and outside of the school.

Marked by meetings, affection, and discoveries, this first Education experience is essential to the social, emotional and academic development — and later, the growth into healthy, happy and resilient teenagers and adults who are prepared to fulfill their own life projects.

Get to know the differentials of our Early Childhood Education:

  • Socioemotional skills
  • Nature and Society knowledge
  • Movement education
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • Artistic languages: Visual Arts and Music
  • Oral and Written Language
  • Math is also a language

Discover the campus

of Early Childhood Education Part-time Period

You’re seeing:

Professora Maria de Remédios

Maria de Remédios F. Cardoso

Pedagogical Director

Pedagogue specialized in Education from PUC-SP

For 30 years Maria de Remédios F. Cardoso has actively participated in many phases of the structure of the Móbile School project

During these 3 decades, she has been working to consolidate the teaching of critical thinking, the promotion of a democratic education with emphasis on the moral and intellectual autonomy, the development of people who care about the world around them. Maria has contributed to the construction of Early Childhood Education at Móbile and for the constant dialogue among the different cycles of the school.

The respect to children must occur without the infantilization, facing them as individuals who are capable of thinking, discovering their feelings and interacting with society in a critical and emotional way.

Maria de Remédios F. Cardoso

Elective  Curriculum

Elective Curriculum

Our Elective Curriculum expands the developments of our students, their “cultural library” and contributes to the construction of a richer and more diverse life project.

MobiXperiences – our English immersion program, Elective Courses and Extracurricular Activities provide children with the opportunity to compose a personalized and singular learning path after school hours.

The diversified courses and experiences that we offer in our Elective Curriculum develop important competences, like the ones related to movement and body balance, motor skills, communication in different languages, diverse social interactions and deepening of connections.


Enhance your child’s experience with courses and practices that develop skills and abilities that span from psychomotricity to artistic expression and interpersonal relationship, through the introduction and deepening in new technologies.

12h30 to 13h30 (morning)
17h45 to 18h50 (afternoon)

After-hours Time to
be a kid

The new Móbile After-hours is a program specially thought out to expand the school experience of our students from Early Childhood Education to 2nd grade (3 to 7 years old) and Part-time Program.

Móbile English Elective Course

Learning and experience walk hand in hand on Móbile English – an exclusive after school program for our regular time students. Through strategically planned practices our students experience different communicative contexts and situations in english. This way, they develop essential abilities and skills for their communication in this language, which is, as we know, one of the most important in the contemporary world.

  • 2ª e 4ª - 10h00 to 13h00 (students from the afternoon)

    12h25 to 15h25 (estudantes da manhã)

  • 3ª e 5ª - 10h00 to 13h00 (students from the afternoon)

    12h25 to 15h25 (estudantes da manhã)

Early childhood


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