Móbile English Experience and learning

Learning and experience walk hand in hand on Móbile English – an exclusive after school program for our regular time students. Through strategically planned practices our students experience different communicative contexts and situations in english. This way, they develop essential abilities and skills for their communication in this language, which is, as we know, one of the most important in the contemporary world.

With a schedule of 6 hours a week the students from Early Childhood 3 to 5th grade and 4 hours a week for classes from 6th to 9th grade, Mobile English offers a partial immersion in the English language. This extension of the use of English contributes decisively to the proficiency in this language which also allows to get relevant international certifications like TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language – and Cambridge English Certifications.

  • Regular Period

    Early Childhood and Primary School

    Monday and Wednesday - 10h00 to 13h00 (afternoon students) and 12h25 to 15h25 (morning students)

    Tuesday and Thursday - 10h00 to 13h00 (afternoon students) and 12h25 to 15h25 (morning students)

  • Middle School

    Monday and Wednesday - 14h10 to 16h10 (6th and 7th grade) and 16h20 às 18h20 (8th and 9th grade)

    Tuesday and Thursday - 14h10 to 16h10 (6th and 7th grade) and 16h20 às 18h20 (8th and 9th grade)

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood

The introduction to English during Early Childhood Education aims to increase the familiarity of the child with this additional language. The conduction of activities such as storytelling, music, games and other ludic experiences is made by the teachers in English so that the use of the language is associated with positively significant experiences. That means that the children understand, from an early age, that learning this language can be fun and joyful.

Ensino Fundamental 1

School English for Primary School candidates

Active projects and methodologies guide the learning in Primary School. Through many activities our students practice Reading and writing texts of increasing complexity and adequate to their age. And so, we associate the development of our content to current themes and relevant topics as a way to awaken in our students a critical and empathic eye about the world they live in.

The close follow-up – like in Early Childhood, done by one the assistant teachers – guarantees the necessary attention to the time and the needs of each student.

Middle School

School Middle School

As the children grow up and become teenagers, their challenges become more and more complex – and because of this, more and more stimulating.

At this stage, we divide the students in distinct groups, organized by their level of proficiency. In each group, we make projects that are associated with different linguistic and cultural content and deepen the contemporary genres present in the lives of the students like podcasts, articles and infographics. It’s also at this stage that we start indications for the international certifications.

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