Arts Showing


Frequency: Biannual

Arts Showing

Our Arts Showing is a biennial event in which all of our students participate and is related to the main components of Visual Arts, Music, Movement Art, Performing Arts and Literary Studies.

The Arts Showing reunites artistic authorial projects produced by the students from Early Childhood 2 to High School and aims to: share the productions; communicate the pedagogical processes that supported these productions; provoke reflections about arts and, mainly, propose an expression of artistic processes and the broadening of the cultural library of the pupils.

180523 GM 0132 scaled - Escola Móbile

“We understand that it’s necessary to broaden the comprehension and the discussion of the education and the arts in a world that is constantly changing, also promote the collective participation as a social factor, stimulate the creative skills and develop the critical perception to analyse images, goals and the reality noticed daily.”

Other Projects

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