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High School

from 7h15 to 13h05
das 14h15 to 18h00 (twice a week)

Educating young people in the 21st century requires much more than giving qualified academic knowledge.

It’s necessary to shape students – restless, curious, creative and protagonists – that know how to productively mobilize knowledge to solve complex problems.

Which academic and socio-emotional skills are demanded from young people who finish Basic Education? Which life project will make sense to them and society? What world should these students build for themselves and others?

It’s in High School that our work with the construction of moral and intellectual autonomy peaks and makes sense in a more concrete and conscious way. We know that teenagers are not the same and, because of this, we look to build in them types of protagonism that talks to their profiles, wishes and future life projects. Without losing our individualized vision, we develop in our teenagers essential skills to live well such as persistence, responsibility over their actions, extroversion, cooperation and being open to new experiences.

Get to know some of these differentials:

  • Credits
  • Entering highly regarded universities
  • Flexible core
  • Life Project
  • A new concept

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You’re seeing:

Professor Rodrigo Mendes

Rodrigo Mendes

Pedagogical Director

Majored and Licensed in Biological Sciences and Master in Genetics and Evolutive Biology from IB-USP with an MBA in School Management from ESALQ/USP.

Rodrigo Mendes has been present in the everyday school life at Móbile for almost 20 years and has contributed to the incorporation of the technology to the pedagogical processes at school, besides implementing learning methodologies to insert discussions related to dealing with diversity. Rodrigo relates to Móbile School in the constant dialogue that it establishes with the contemporary and the compromise with moral and intellectual formation.

“I hope our students can make their most genuine dreams come true without forgetting to directly do something for the reduction of inequality in our country.”

Rodrigo Mendes

projects and courses

It’s also part of our complete (and complex) High School curriculum, a group of projects and courses – with no additional cost to the families – that aim to expand the “cultural library” of our students and also prepare them to enter a highly regarded university.

  • International Comparison
  • University Entrance
  • National recognition
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