Sportive initiation

Offered for Part-time period: 4th and 5th grades
Sportive initiation

Course proposal:

Aimed at students from 4th and 5th grades, the Sport Initiation course proposes to introduce the four big competitive modalities recommended at Escola Móbile (handball, basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer) throughout the year. The objective is to offer an immersive experience in each of these modalities so that the students can identify the ones that they have more affinity with, making it possible for them to later choose an specialization in one of these modalities through the Sportive Training course, offered from 6th grade.

About the teacher:

Lúcia Araujo majored in School Physical Education and Psychomotricity. She has taught at Móbile for 16 years and was an athlete from Federação Paulista de Basquetebol.

PeriodClassDays of the weekTimetable
Part-time4th and 5th grade
4th and 5th grade
18h30 à 19h30
12h30 à 13h30

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