Offered for Part-time period and Bilingual Program – Full-time : Early Childhood 4 to 6th grade

Course proposal:

In this course children will get to know more deeply about an important aspect of Brazilian culture, and by deepening in the practice of capoeira they will improve their body consciousness. The development of abilities like notion of rhythm, strength, muscular resistance and coordination happen because of the construction of a harmonious and supportive environment in which resilience is constantly stimulated.

About the teacher:

Mestre Maurão initiated his trajectory in capoeira in 1979 and during his career became three-time Brazilian champion (consecutive) and paulista champion for 14 years. Since the 2000s he participates annually in events in Europe, Asia and North America as propagator of capoeira and Brazilian black culture. Through Associação Capoeira Mandinga he mantains an organization that cares for over 1500 children and teenagers in social vulnerability situation.

PeriodClassesDays of the week2023 Timetable
Part-time1st to 6th gradeMonday6h30 à 7h30
Full-timeEarly Childhood 4 and 5
1st to 5th grade
Tuesday and Thursday
Monday to Wednesday
6h20 à 5h20
4h30 à 5h30

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