Offered for Regular and Bilingual Program - Full-time Period: 3rd to 5th grade

Course Proposal:

Fencing has a great historical appeal, once the wars with swords happened from Prehistoric times to the 20th century, also being present in the first editions of modern Olympic Games in Athens, in 1896. It’s a sport that offers a lot of benefits to its praticants like agility, reflex, quick thinking, problem resolution skills, posture, apart from, of course, being a lot of fun.

About the  partner company:

The Touché Institute has its own teaching methodology that mixes ludic exercises with games that teach fencing.  The institute has as its founders two of the biggest olympic athletes and medalists of fencing in the Pan-American games in the history of Brazil: Fernando Scavasin and Heitor Shimbo.

PeriodsClassesDays of the weekTimetable
Full-time2nd to 9th gradeThursday16h30 to 17h30

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