Offered for the Bilingual
Program - Full-time Period: 1st to 5th grade

Course Proposal:

The course aims to provide the students with a moment and space for the emancipation of the research in the field of visual arts from the exploration of two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects and contemporary experimentation with diverse materials. Amongst the techniques to be investigated are; from gouache painting to woodcut and clay modeling.

About the teacher:

Mary Furlan graduated from  Faculdade Paulista de Artes and specialized in Visual Arts from São Paulo University. Since 2016, she’s a teacher at Móbile and, throughout her career in education, she’s been working so that children can build a personal and authorial path in the field of arts and explore this rich universe.

PeriodsClassesDays of the weekTimetable
Part-time1st to 5th gradeTuesday18h30 to 19h30
Full-time1st to 5th grade
1st to 5th grade
16h30 to 17h30
16h30 to 17h30

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