General Communication Goals
Responding to commands and instructions
Identifying new vocabulary
Choosing colors, materials, toys and books
Requesting and reporting in everyday situations
Answering questions with familiar structures
Describing things according to size and color
Expressing preferences, likes and dislikes
Offering, accepting and declining offers
Speculating and guessing
Expressing needs and feelings
Long-Term Projects
Traditional Stories
Action Songs
All About Me
Our Routine My Body My Family Eric Carle Stories
1st Semester – Content
Everyday Language
Vegetables and Fruits
Numbers 1-10
Family members
Parts of the body
2nd Semester – Content
Opposites, Shapes and Positions
5 senses awareness
Likes and dislikes
Farm animals
Vegetables and Fruits
Fairy Tales
General Communication Goals
Greeting people
Requesting and reporting in everyday situations
Expressing preferences, needs and feelings
Understanding commands and instructions
Asking and answering questions about what they like, what they want and what they have
Describing what they can see
Choosing food at lunch time and school materials
Long-Term Projects
All about us
Healthy Me
Animals and its habitats
Nursery Rhymes
Traditional Games and Stories Show and Tell In the Jungle or Under the Sea?
1st Semester – Content
Everyday language
Routine moments
School materials
Vegetables and fruits
Nursery Rhymes and children’s songs
Choices of food (lunchtime), colors and materials (arts)
2nd Semester – Content
Everyday language
Animals and their characteristics
Natural habitats and their characteristics
Characters and elements of traditional stories
Nursery Rhymes and children’s songs
General Communication Goals
Greeting people
Getting to know one another
Collecting information with questions
Asking for help and offering help
Asking for permission
Inviting kids to play
Talking about games and rules
Talking about sports and abilities
Talking about the weekend
Retelling short stories
Long-Term Projects
Let’s play together
I can tell you a story!
Rhymes and hand-clapping games!
Games World Cup Retelling Stories Creating Games
1st Semester – Content
Personal information
Board games
Hand-clapping games
Rules and agreements
Places do play
2nd Semester – Content
Playing with rhymes
Creating board games
Creating toys
Make-believe play and stories
Retelling stories
General Communication Goals
Greetings and introductions
Exchanging personal information
Talking about preferences
Speculating and guessing
Describing and identifying people based on what they are wearing and their physical characteristics
Asking and answering questions about activities they do on different days of the week
Describing places and actions
Talking about school and activities: daily routines
Talking about the weather in different places to speculate about someone’s habits
Asking for permission
Asking for and offering help
Requesting and exchanging materials
Justifying an answer
Expressing similarities and differences
Talking about the weekend
Developing word-sound awareness
Describing and comparing with superlatives and comparatives
Long-Term Projects
Around the world
Tongue Twisters
Show and Tell
Retelling stories
Space and The Solar System
Daily Routine
Food around the World Space and the Solar System Daily Routines
Games around the world Weather and Seasons World Cup
1st Semester – Content
Personal information
Days of the week
The Globe: countries and cities
Sky elements and characteristics – day and night
Solar System: planets
World Cup
2nd Semester – Content
Clothes around the world
Daily Routine
Weather, clothing and seasons
Sky elements and characteristics – day and night
Solar System: planets
Retelling Stories
Job Occupations and Community helpers
City and Countryside
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Colors Family and Friends Come rain or shine! Exotic Animals
1st Quarter
Themes: Beyond Colors
Content: Describing things and places using colors
Identifying and spelling words
2nd Quarter
Themes: Family and Friends
Talking about: Age
Activities friends do together
Content: Introducing family and friends
Describing friends and pets
Describing scenes
3rd Quarter
Themes: Come rain or shine!
Talking about: the weather
things we can do in each season
Content: Expressing feelings
Describing the seasons of the year in each part of the world
Describing the weather and things we do
Inviting people to do things together
4th Quarter
Themes: Exotic Animals
Talking about: where animals live
what animals eat
characteristics of animals
Content: Describing animals
Identifying animal homes
Finding out about their eating habits
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Likes, Dislikes, Wants and Needs Home and Living How we celebrate Living and
nonliving things
1st Quarter
Themes: Likes, Dislikes, Wants and Needs
Talking about: food preferences
things we have
Content: Expressing wants and needs
Lending, borrowing and trading things
Asking and answering personal questions
Exchanging information about others
Asking questions to identify people based on their physical characteristics
2nd Quarter
Themes: Home and Living
Talking about: places in town;
people’s homes;
favorite places.
Content: Describing different neighborhoods;
Things we can find or do in different places in town;
Discussing differences and similarities between places.
3rd Quarter
Themes: How we celebrate
Talking about: favorite instruments and instruments we play;
festivals and celebrations.
Content: Describing musical instruments;
Contrasting celebrations and festivals from different countries;
Observing events and performances to report what people are doing.
4th Quarter
Themes: Living and Nonliving Things
Talking about: the need of living things;
what living and nonliving things can and can´t do;
what you should and shouldn´t do in school.
Content: Comparing living and nonliving things;
Discussing how we take care of living things and what they need;
Analysing and observing plant growth.
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Natural Resources and Changes About the past Life now and then Living in
1st Quarter
Themes: Natural Resources
Talking about: the three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas);
recyclable materials.
Content: Talking about Natural Resources and what things are made of
Describing changes
2nd Quarter
Themes: About the Past
Talking about: trips and means of transport;
means of communication;
past personal experiences.
Content: Comparing life in the past and in the present
Discussing the evolution of travel and transport
Contrasting news and communication in the present and in the past
Reading and telling family stories
3rd Quarter
Themes: Life now and then
Talking about: Past experiences
Azteca art and oral tradition
Legends around the world
Content: Contrasting life now and then
Reporting what happened and what people did in different situations
Reading and writing stories
4th Quarter
Themes: Living in Community
Talking about: rules;
things we must do to get along with each other;
polite behavior.
Content: Discussing rules and what we should and shouldn’t do in different situations  and places
Apologizing, offering help and asking for permission.
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Having fun

Solving mysteries
Exploring situations

How music can change people’s lives

How we measure time
Life in the future

1st Quarter
Themes: Having fun
Talking about: likes and dislikes;
how people have fun around the world;
things people used to do in the past.
Content: Describing events and how people feel about them
Identifying differences and similarities between celebrations and events from different countries
Discussing invention, inspiration and change
2nd Quarter
Themes: Solving mysteries
Exploring situations
Talking about: mysterious events that happened in the past.
Content: Expressing and asking for opinions
Asking for help
Describing past events
3rd Quarter
Themes: How music can change people’s lives
Talking about: songs and music;
musical instruments around the world;
street performers.
Content: Comparing different kinds of music
Describing musical instruments and events
Learning how to write a biography
4th Quarter
Themes: How we measure time
Life in the future
Talking about: time and how the Earth helps us to tell the time;
technology and life in the future;
future probabilities.
Content: Making plans about the future
Making predictions