Communicative objectives Language structures

Talk about places in town

Describe your own routine

Talk about free time activities

Talk about the weather and climate change

Discuss festivals and celebrations from different parts of the world

Organize information in a timeline

Write a descriptive paragraph

Talk about physical abilities

Describe places in the past

Compare objects / places / events

Talk about future plans

Present simple

Present continuous

Contrast present tenses

Countable and uncountable nouns

Modal verbs (can / be able to)

Past simple

Comparatives and superlatives

Be + going to

Communicative objectives Language structures

Describe objects

Talk about a healthy diet

Compare organic and conventionally grown food

Describe your own routine

Describe someone else’s routine

Discuss garbage production

Name ingredients of a recipe

Write a recipe (ingredients and actions)

Name different containers

How much / many

Countable and uncountable nouns

Adverbs of quantity (a, an, a few, a lot, many, much, and some)

Plural and singular nouns

Present simple

Indefinite pronouns

Imperative verbs

Past simple

Communicative objectives Language structures

Talk about facts and general events

Describe and analyze present events and their future consequences

Discuss the teenagers’ healthy habits

Talk about profession and occupations

Talk about life experiences

Describe social rules

Write a personal account

Reply an informal email message

Compare different objects / people / events

Write a movie review

Zero conditional

First conditional

Contrast zero and first condition

Modal verbs (have to / must)

Present perfect tense

Present perfect tense + adverbs

Comparative adjectives

Superlative adjectives

Communicative objectives Language structures

Identify the main facts in the plot of a story

Describe feeling and emotions

Compare short stories (plot-characters)

Name musical instruments / musical styles

Talk about preferences

Analyze and interpret lyrics

Identify elements of suspense in a text

Describe personality traits

Describe the physical characteristics of a person

Write a comparative paragraph

Talk about future plans

Make a hypothesis and draw conclusions based on present facts

Talk about trips and vacation

Write a horror short story

Sense verbs

Passive voice

Conjunctions (in order to / so that / although / however / but)

Idioms (colors)

Parts of speech

Verb patterns

Adverbs of degree

First condition

Extreme adjectives

Second conditional

Future verb tenses (will / going to / present continuous)

Communicative objectives Language structures

Talk about personal preferences

Draw conclusion based on past facts and future possibilities

Discuss consumerism and its consequences to the society

Compare online and conventional shopping

Discuss production and consumerism

Write a complaint email

Talk about past habits

Describe multiple past events

Report information from the news

Write a podcast script

Produce a podcast audio file

Review verb tenses (past simple / present perfect / future simple)

Used to

Past perfect

Contrast past tenses (simple past x present perfect x past perfect)

Direct speech

Reported speech

Communicative objectives Language structures

Describe sensations and emotions

Talk about abilities from the past

Describe social rules

Give and respond to pieces of advice

Talk about lifestyle and social behaviour

Discuss habits from different cultures

Identify the elements of a poem

Talk about fake news and its consequences

Report what people say

Discuss innovation and the future

Write a poem

Conjunctions of reason and purpose

Could / was / were able to

Modal verbs (must / should / may)

Phrasal verbs

Relative clauses (defining and non-defining)

Poetry figure of speech


Reported speech

Future verb tenses (future perfect / future continuous)

Communicative objectives Language structures

Contrast the concepts of immigration, refugee, and asylum

Discuss the impact of life changes

Identify the elements of a biography

Present a seminar

Talk about diversity and social inequalities

Analyze and discuss what makes people move from a global perspective

Write a biographical essay

Reflect upon the impact of refugees’ culture in our city / country

Present perfect

Past perfect

Present perfect continuous

Past perfect continuous

Figurative expressions

Conjunctions (most of whom / about which / without whom / from which)

Formal relative clauses

Emphatic inversions

Relative clauses

Communicative objectives Language structures

Discuss the ideas of utopia and dystopia

Talk about life experiences

Write a complaint formal email

Discuss alternative medicine

Talk about unconventional families

Write a persuasive email

Discuss power in society

Talk about taking risks and evaluating tendencies and probabilities

Reflect upon the influence of music in our culture

Analyze and discuss past events and their connection with the present


Cleft sentences


Adverbial clauses

Adjective-noun collocations

Passive forms

Verb patterns


Prefixes and suffixes


Definite and indefinite articles


Communicative objectives Language structures

Use rhetorical strategies in a debate

Compare information to build an argument

Take part in a debate presenting evidence, and sustaining an argument

Express your point of view

Express emphasis

Write an argumentative essay

Report a piece of news

Produce a podcast

Write a script for a podcast

Write an online magazine article

Write a listicle

Write a critical review of a movie / place

Write a review

Interview an expert

Discuss NGOs and kindness ideas

Comparative forms



Viewpoint adverbs

Relative clauses

Conjunctions (in spite of / despite / though)

Topic sentence

Thesis statements

Extreme and gradable adjectives

Word forms


Descriptive adjectives



Reported speech